tracking promotions in retail

Tracking Promotions Across Your Retail Chain

Promotions are one of the biggest drivers of sales and traffic in the retail world. While it can be easy to measure success rate and track your promotions’ effectiveness for one store, it can be more complicated to do the same for multiple stores in a chain. There are multiple variables that may affect a […]

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how promotions improve same-store sales

How Promotions Improve Same-Store Sales

Same-store sales are a significant part of retail data as they let a business know how their stores are performing. Each year, businesses are able to look at their historical sales data and measure performance over time (whether this figure is the end-all-be-all is another discussion). Having such a benchmark enables retailers to understand trends, […]

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why do retail customers prefer an in-store experience

Why Do Retail Customers Prefer an In-Store Experience?

The retail industry has been in a constant stage of evolution, especially as technology offers more ways to improve the in-store experience. Store owners may be wondering how to compete with online shopping in this fast-paced climate. Compared to what was available in the retail industry 50 years ago, today’s consumer has their choice of […]

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